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27 April 2011 @ 08:07 pm
Title: Or Even Longer
Rating: PG13 (blood, death, death, blood, Cat's strange grasp on what is healthy in interpersonal relationships)
Wordcount: 9,748
Story / World: Colourverse, Cause
Characters: Cat Hydan, Sam Jones, Carl and Alstair Clayton, Tessa Mosier.
Challenges: January hint-fiction challenge
Summary: “An advantage to them burying their dead on their own property,” he says, lips barely moving. “They're off to drink and eat and feel guilty and sad, or guilty because they're not sad enough.”
"Okay," Cat answers, under her breath as well. “What are we doing?”
Sam smiles and pulls his hands out of his pockets. “Follow me.”

Notes: This was finished in January and thus marked the second short story I've ever written and finished (first being, of course, Casey Johnson's Walk), so that makes it kind of ~historic.
Together they throw the dirt,
listen to its plunk against wood,
a sound so unlike anything else in the world,
one you could remember forever.

Sam and Cat stand as far back as they can while still blending in, doing their best to pull off bystanders who knew the deceased but not very well and who don't want to get in the legitimately bereaved people's way.Collapse )
Title: One's For Sport And One's For Blood: Or, Strength Through Music
Rating: PG13/R (death, trauma, mild swearing)
Wordcount: 6,097
Story / World: Musicverse (before the Spark and the Astronaut)
Prompts / Concept: SeveralCollapse )
Characters: Jack Straw, Shannon Gardener, Patrick Noline.
Notes: This took a month longer than it was supposed to and came far too close to making me cry on several occasions. There's also that annoying tendency of mine of only creating canon OT3s to... well. (This universe is essentially new, was created for the 2011 Sex Is Not The Enemy challenge, and needs work.)

tickCollapse )
Title: In Which Things Go Almost Too Well (1/3)
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,637
Story / World: Seer Trilogy book 3 - Iron City
Community:  runaway_tales
Prompts: Blueberry Yogurt #23: building.
Characters: Jaime, some Carrion guy who needs to be poked at, Amber, Janet.
Toppings / Extras / Other: Butterscotch.
Notes: A city made of sliced bread would get moldy fast (and need mods, hyurk hyurk), don't you think?  (Jaime's comment about "as much melanin as me in life" is a lot of melanin, you guys.)
Belongs to this and this, I screwed up everything by posting on the wrong journal, it's fine now, we've always been at war with the infanta of Eurasia.

Large chunks of the City were designed when everyone was jumping on metal and glass like skyscrapers were the new sliced bread.Collapse )
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,231
Story / World: Morgan's Game
Title: All Perfectly Good Ways Of Making A God (Was She)
Community:  runaway_tales
Prompts: Cotton Candy #11: reassurance. Peppermint #29: confetti. Strawberry Banana #15: unrequited feelings.
Toppings / Extras / Other: Malt: Summer Challenge 2010 [bunny #108 // this way no one gets hurt]. Butterscotch [about the First Morgan, seventeen generations - around 450 years - ago].
Characters: Morgan (I), the narrator, various.
Notes: Second part of this book. First one is whenever I'm able to write it again; ladies and gentlemen, we are effectively caught up in RATs, and that speaks badly of your C.

A long time ago, after things started properly, Morgan created the List.Collapse )
21 March 2011 @ 09:01 pm
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,530
Story / World: Morgan's Game
Title: The Game (I)
Prompts: Cotton Candy #22: interruption. Peppermint #6: card. Strawberry Banana #2: inside joke.
Toppings / Extras / Other: Root Beer Float.
Characters: Morgan (various), Tricia (the narrator!), Kistley Dahlquist. Tanesha. The First. Mention of someone and you aren't allowed to know who yet! *sticks tongue out at* Neener neener waaait I think I've already mentioned him. Never mind. *insomniac has very little logic due to insomniac. hello!*
Notes:  here, have the third out of Idon'tknowbutI'mthinkingatleastthirty pieces of canonical Morgan's Game. This story is going to make you lose the Game a lot, by the way. (Fair warning is fair. Loss included in warning is... fair play.)

Most importantly, now, there are three of us.Collapse )
24 February 2011 @ 08:51 pm
Title: The Truth Is A Piece Of Rubber
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 480
Story / World: Seerverse
Community:  runaway_tales.
Prompts: Blueberry Yogurt #6: alibi.
Toppings / Extras / Other: Butterscotch.
Characters: Jaime, Janet.
Notes: Last Blueberry Yogurt. Jaime and college get along interestingly. (I don't know if people who aren't the sort we get here are as fascinated by anyone with glasses and full of the desire to try them on. ...I will cop to always wanting to try on other people's, myself, though.)

You can't just – well, apparently you can't just leave school without an explanation.Collapse )
Title: The Homework Was Also Overdue (Or: Orange Ink)
Rating: PG?
Wordcount: 943
Story / World: Amethyst Sky
Community:  runaway_tales
Prompts: Toasted Almond [02 // dark horse].
Characters: Janet, Tam, the kelpie.
Toppings / Extras / Other: Prompt from Rika [she found him standing, looking lost].
Notes: And this would be how they met! (No rose motif yet. It shows up at some point, honest. And this needs a continuation, but that comes later.) Taking Toasted Almond literally ftw?

Janet's given up on explaining why she has to go to the park to work – why outside, why that particular park, why it's not a preference but a necessity.Collapse )
24 February 2011 @ 08:47 pm
Title: it could be called yellow
Rating: PG13. I'd say the description of Jonathan's hands isn't very graphic but I'm, er, me.
Wordcount: 712
Story / World: Amethyst Sky
Community:  runaway_tales.
Prompts: Toasted Almond [30 // kryptonite | achilles' heel].  Prompt from Rika [oh no, not now].
Characters: Libris, Amber Belaqua, Mina, Ama, Jonathan.
Toppings / Extras / Other: Malt: Summer Challenge 2010 [bunny 47 // nothing is ever still, there's no hiding from that]
Notes: I wrote this in July. If I hadn't, I'd probably blame it on Santiago (but I met him early August), a classmate of mine who spends an interesting amount of time yelling "DO NOT TOUCH MY HANDS" (in english, with more expletives). I have grabbed his hands when trying to get him to stop shouting. (From what I can tell, I doubt he has anything actually wrong with them. No knee-jerk pain reactions, see. /scientist!)  The thing Libris is insisting that she be allowed to do is elaborated on The Things I Do For All These Oaths.

Today he looks different – distracted, and unhappy, or maybe troubled is a better word.Collapse )
24 February 2011 @ 08:40 pm
Title: Absolutely Constant
Rating: PG13 at the very least.
Wordcount: 1,129
Story / World: Seer Trilogy book 2 - Black Sunset
Community:  runaway_tales.
Prompts: Toasted Almond #12: pins and needles.
Characters: Caroline Garza, Marcia Garza, Tasmin Sorchal, Finneas Ian Iscariot (Finneas, Ian, Iscariot. No, really), Ama.
Toppings / Extras / Other: I still cannot has!
Notes: And here is one of those revelations that goes back and makes the whole book before it Fridge Creepy! I like those things, much like mudkips. (Yes. Mudkips like my plot twists. That is totally what I was saying.) The first part, if you missed it, is here.  (Honesty time:  My characters would probably get beaten up a whole lot less if I actually could remember to take painkillers.  Eheh.)

The washes of feeling don't just keep themselves to her outstretched hands.Collapse )
Title: And Memory Is Teleportation, Sure
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 822
Story / World: Seer Trilogy book 3 - Iron City
Community:  runaway_tales.
Prompts: Toasted Almond #17: cutting corners. & a prompt from Rika: ain't a thing in the sky to fall.
Characters: David (who interrupts), Finneas Ian Iscariot (Finneas, who doesn't like being interrupted, and Ian, who thinks David's neat), Tasmin Sorchal (who, if you take her out of context, is not unkind), Ama (who would like her narration back plz).
Toppings / Extras / Other: Rainbow Sprinkles.
Notes: In which Finneas explains what happened. (Considering the way he pictures time, I'd say he'd been talking to Ephraim only Ephraim died like fifty years ago so oh well.)

He likes to imagine time as a path that flows like a river - it can't just be a river, because rivers have smooth edges from the erosion and are roughly straight, and his moving path is angular, made infinite at the edges by a million tiny fractal twists.Collapse )