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Somewhere, there's a woman, or maybe a girl -- her age is pretty variable, depending on where you're looking from. She's called Daisy, or Zei, or Katerina, or Kala, or Oleander. She's prone to dragging people along with her on strange occurrences such as most mortals wouldn't dream of, and through her history has left a sort of trail of the variably broken persons who resulted.

Things have been relatively quiet for more than a decade now, though, and for a decent chunk of that time she's been living with the narrator, who she calls Matthew. And while there are occasionally upsets in their existence -- such as the periodic need for books, which she'll hoard, attempt to memorize, and eventually burn so she can't be found, or the days when she starts writing and can't stop -- a well-applied blackout and inexplicable disappearance of memory can go a long way towards calm and harmony.

Right now, though, is not a time of calm and harmony. It's a time of having run into Carla Michaels, who knew Daisy-now-Oleander when she was Zei, and who demands her and Matthew's help with the strange occurrences that have been following her around. It's a time of Matthew gaining more and more resistance to Daisy's manipulations.

As it turns out, Daisy is a centuries-old demigod who used to be a Fate -- but she did something terribly wrong, for which her own destiny was stripped from her and she was cast out. Since then she hasn't been bothered much, but now Iall, an old enemy, is asking her to come back, and has gotten increasingly insistent. There's something that he needs her for, though he can't quite say what. Whatever it is, it must be big; Daisy's supposed to be a nonentity, a crippled monster untouchable by other demigods and left to serve as an example.

If Daisy's not available there's one person who might do -- Terry Mica Davenport, the first born demigod since Daisy herself and heir to what used to be Daisy's fate, who Iall has been grooming for that post since she was six.

The post itself, the former Fate and the younger demigod's shared destiny, is nothing less than godkiller.

Taster: A Truth That's Actually True

Introductory four:
And then you die, but that's all right

spin sideways & ifup

A Mythos In The Road
She'll Take After Her Father, Of Course

Because Sanity's For Humans

Silhouetting the Smoke on the Breeze
though he'd never admit to it*
But She May Live
Nothing's Wrong, And Nothing's Right*
And I Know Better
last circle

Soon Enough You'll Get To Stop Remembering*

Mother, Why?*
And Valencia*
It Can Only Affect You For Ten Thousand Years*

Doing Family Wrong*
And your sibling rivalry has gotten out of hand
But She Wasn't Late*
Veils (Yes, He Did)*
all the stars in the world won't help*
The Rules
The wrong thing for any reason
And I've already lost but you're not going to win
First circle
You're Still Not A Psychiatrist, Dear
They Have A Word For That Now*
I Would Kill To Have You Dead
Just Give Her A Reason For The Insomnia

glitter, sequins, eyes
Silly Daisy, dying for ideas is for revolutionaries!
And it's full of stars
It's What You Do*
She finds it's overrated*
It is also overrated*
You Have To Run Just As Fast As You Can*
I Have No Social Graces, But Yours Are Worse*

Of course you don't, you're human
But you still don't understand
Better Than Your Children's Books
It Would Be A Nice Option*
say hello, lie, say goodbye
What's This System For Again?


circle forward
How About Knowing Nothing
Damn You Then
Carla Does Literary Criticism (And Sometimes Not Even With A Knife)*
In Which There Is Insomnia, And Windows*
We're All Of Us Insane, My Dear

circle back
Only Making Each Other Worse*
But Boy, Looks Like You're Learning
A Box For The Boy Made Of Thought*
A Sort Of Friend For The Boy Made Of Thought*
A Breaking Point For The Boy Made Of Thought*
You can take a third option (and shove it)

breaking point
I Guess These Are Strange Eons Then
This Is What Your Life Was For


In the Future Everyone Has Colors

* = denotes something from the most recent round of updates.
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