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{ runaway_tales } As Truth Continues Her Contortionist Feats

Title: As Truth Continues Her Contortionist Feats
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 72
Story / World: Seerverse, Jaime (generation i)
Community:  runaway_tales
Prompts: Toasted Almond #19: on the nose.
Characters: Jaime Zie Mendoza, Janet Carter.
Toppings / Extras / Other: Butterscotch. Pocky + Malt: Summer Challenge 2010 [ice cream #135 // (pocky) I can't say this so I won't say anything].
Notes: Concluded.

"Jaime," Janet said far too seriously for me to be comfortable with, "What was that?"

I pulled air and the first words I thought of - that was a declaration, an offer, of war that I was too much of a coward to take her up on - through my nose. No delicate way of phrasing it seemed immediately evident.

So I shrugged. "Trial and error," I told her; "Let's go home."
Tags: character: jaime mendoza, character: janet carter, runaway_tales, seer trilogy, series: seerverse
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